Nuosen NS235 with ZOOMLION 650GK excavator

[Nuosen NS235 breaker]

Background introduction

[Hunan construction site problems]

The stone type on a construction site in Hunan is limestone, and the Moshi hardness of the stone has reached level 7. At the beginning of the 50-ton excavator with other brand hammer in chisel dia200mm, the daily output can only reach 200 tons, and the site is facing the dilemma of low output.

[The project lose money, and the person in charge was worried]

Due to the site prediction error, the bottom is too hard to be completely break, resulting in low production, get rid of the fixed cost of unexpected maintenance and so on, the work is equal to a loss. The contract has been signed, and the person in charge of the construction site is very distressed.

[Mine sharp weapon, the urgent solution]

However, things turned a corner, the person in charge of the site by a friend, learned that Nuosen NS235, low flow demand and strong breaking hammer, not only perfectly adapt to 65 tons of excavator, but also in the same type of mining, the daily output of up to 1000 tons!

[Field investigation, quick order]

Recently in Jiangxi construction site bought 6 units Nuosen NS235 once, the market reflection is good, efficiency king, low consumption and fuel saving. The person in charge of the site chose to go to Jiangxi for site investigation, consult and understand the site, and chose the Zoomlion 650GK with Nuosen NS235 break hammer.

Choose nuosen, choose rest assured!

Nuosen NS235 · Usage Report

[Working Video]

[Widely use]

With the development of urban construction pace

Mining technology is also constantly innovating

In order to meet the market demand for large mining excavators

Many excavator companies began to launch more efficient products

However, hard as steel ore for a small excavator

It is difficult to achieve accurate blasting, which is also one of the “pain points”


And Nuosen NS235 breaking hammer born

Perfect breakthrough through this problem

Nuosen NS235, with a lightweight design concept


Has the advantages of wide adaptability and its own weight

So that it can be a perfect combination of 65T above all kinds of big excavator

Make the excavator efficient operation to reduce the fuel consumption demand

[Power strong]

The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce below

Brands are improving their performance

And Nuosen NS235 stood out in the competition

 Has become the first choice of many mainstream excavator brands

So, how powerful is it ?


The stronger power, the higher efficiency, and the more benefits

And Nuosen NS235 break hammer explosive force is amazing

Compared with the 210 models of other brands

The efficiency is 1.5-2 times that of the 210 model hammer

(The harder the mine, the more significant the efficiency improvement)


The Nuosen NS235 is extremely demanding in its design and manufacturing

The concept of precision design brings high efficient power transmission

And high frequency, high energy force

Improve the overall operation efficiency and reduce the use cost

[Stability Good]

Stability in the use of hammer

It’s also crucial point

If the hammer is not well stable

This leads to frequent failures

Direct affect the progress and cost of the site

Nuosen NS235 hammer, using a low pulse design

Can protect the stable operation of the host engine

Greatly improves the stability of the use

At the same time, the use of military-specific materials, wear resistance and corrosion resistance

Can withstand all kinds of extreme environments

Limit extends the life of the movement

Save sunk costs

From mining to building crushing

No matter which condition is difficult

Nuosen NS235 can easily “handle”

High yield and performance, oil saving and low consumption

Rock breaking weapon, quality first choice

Choose Nuosen NS235

Make your productivity “soar”

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