Relocation and Opening | Nuosen Jiangxi Agent Jingsheng Engineering Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

On June 20,2023, the housewarming opening ceremony of Jiangxi Pingxiang Jingsheng Engineering Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., the authorized agent of Nuosen Heavy Industry, was successfully held. The core leaders, agents of Nuosen and guests from the construction machinery industry attended the ceremony to discuss the cooperation and discuss the development plans!

Nuosen Machinery was founded in 2004 and headquartered in Jiangsu. As a large professional hydraulic hammer enterprise, Jiangsu Nuosen has been deep in the industry for nearly 20 years, and devoted itself to the research of hydraulic hammer products. Committed to becoming the industry leader, to build an industry brand benchmark enterprise. Adhere to solving problems from customer needs, help the global engineering construction speed, and actively promote industry exchanges. At present, Nuosen Heavy Machinery agents have spread all over the country, and has been recognized by many users in the construction machinery industry.

The two major brands work together to accelerate the quality and efficiency of the project construction

SY650H & Nnuosen NS235

Excavator introduction:

SY650H Is a 65T super mine excavator product built by Sany, which is specially designed for mine heavy load conditions. It is powerful and smooth coordination, and has won the “TOP50 Market Performance Gold Award” of China construction machinery. The new generation of SY650H-S is comprehensively upgraded around “new power”, “new shape” and “new technology”, strong, durable and easy management, to meet all operational needs, and bring higher investment returns for customers.

Hydraulic breaker introduction:

Nuosen Heavy Machinery spent 2 years of painstaking research and development, creating a creative product NS235, its characteristics: break others can not hit the place. There are two breakthrough highlights: ① domestic batch produce NS235 hammer; ② 235 hammer with 65 tonnage excavator.

Nuosen NS235 has four core strengths:

  1. Compared with the 210 hammer, the efficiency can reach more than twice, and the harder the mine, the more obvious the efficiency improvement.
  2. Quality assurance NS235 adopts the design concept of low dynamic pressure, and the required working pressure is equivalent to the demand of 195 or 200 hammer, effectively reducing fuel consumption and ensuring product stability. For example, the Sany 650 with 235 fuel consumption is only 44-48L / H.
  3. Create value fierce 235 is positioned in a place where others can not play, providing the majority of users with the hard power to enter the site, as well as the negotiation capital to negotiate with the market.
  4. Service carefree standardized service guarantee system, to ensure that each link implementation tracking in place, rapid response and immediate processing.


The end of the blessing


Thank you to all the guests for their support

At the same time, I wish Jingsheng Engineering Machinery Equipment Co., LTD

Opening of the business, the business is thriving!

At this point, the event came to a successful end

I believe that Jingsheng project will be in the agent area

Get brighter results in the future

To provide customers with better quality service

Work together to create a better future!